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Cork, just inland from Ireland's southwest coast is a vibrant city boasting a wealth of top class shops, restaurants and adventure activities. It has a thriving commercial, social and cultural sector and is home to many of the best international technology businesses in the world. Cork and the surrounding areas are well known as holiday destinations offering a wide and varied range of activities, festivals and stunning scenery.

Aircraft Services

Private Hangar
Private Ramp
Toilet and Water Service
Aircraft Steps

Crew Services & Amenities

Crew Lounge
Complimentary WiFi
Rental Cars
Preferential Crew Rates at local hotels
Crew Catering
Concierge Service

Passenger Services

Apron Transfers
Customs Pre-Clearance
VIP Lounge
Onward Road Transportation
Complimentary WiFi
Executive Catering
Rental Cars
Aircraft & Helicopter Charter
Concierge Service

Equipment Available

Aircraft Steps

For handling prices, please contact the office directly

Pilot Info

ATIS: 120.925 MHz

TWR: 119.3 MHz

APP: 119.9 MHz

GND: 121.85 MHz

Runway 17/35 (2133m) 07/25 (1310m)

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