Month: September 2020

Gloucestershire Airport is “Cargo Ready” and Welcomes First Cargo Operator.

The Weston Aviation team launching the new cargo handling service.

In response for an alternative airport for urgent automotive and “just in time” logistics, Gloucestershire Airport has welcomed its first cargo operator. Global Airlift Solutions operated their PC12NG Cargo aircraft into the airport at the launch of the new service. Visiting cargo aircraft will be handled by Weston Aviation at their FBO facility and private ramp area, offering fast and professional handling enabling the cargo to be on the road within minutes of arrival.

Nick Weston, CEO of Weston Aviation commented, “I have been involved in urgent automotive logistics and handling for 30 years and understand the fine balance between the on-time delivery of cargo and where possible cost savings. As soon as we opened our new FBO facility at Gloucestershire Airport in 2019, we saw the enormous potential for developing cargo handling for JIT operations. Being slightly more southerly than traditional automotive hubs such as Birmingham, with less flying and lower cost and just 50 minutes drive away, we would be offloaded and on the road before an aircraft arrives at Birmingham.”

The Weston Aviation FBO and ramp is located immediately adjacent to the airport entrance gate and the main North to South West M5 motorway can be accessed within 5 minutes of departing the airport. As a pure business airport, Gloucestershire Airport has no scheduled commercial traffic to cause any delays and fuel is delivered immediately on request. From the airport, you can also be in Bristol in 40 minutes, Cardiff and Oxford in an hour and Derby in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Sven Sroka, VP Sales for Global Airlift Solutions equally sees the airport as a great opportunity and new operating base. “We are delighted to be the first cargo aircraft into Gloucestershire Airport which is a perfect partner for the capability and uniqueness of the PC12 Cargo aircraft. We look forward to working closely with both Weston Aviation and our cargo brokers and clients through the airport”. Karen Taylor, the airport’s Commercial Finance Director was equally enthusiastic. “This is a great new opportunity for us and demonstrates perfectly the great future and potential of Gloucestershire Airport as well as working with Weston Aviation”.

Established in 1995, Weston Aviation is one of the UK’s leading business aviation support companies in the UK and Ireland with FBO facilities at Manchester, Humberside, Cornwall Newquay, Gloucestershire and Cork Airports. The company offers owner operated FBO facilities and services, Hangarage, worldwide fuel sales, aircraft charter and general business aviation and FBO development consultancy. Nick Weston is the CEO and founder of Weston Aviation and has over 34 years’ aviation experience and is also the former Chairman of The Air Charter Association and continues to sit on the associations board.

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